FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Who are the geniuses behind Delft House?

Local Makers is the team company behind Delft Houses. Local Makers is a product development business, located in Amsterdam.

Is this affiliated with KLM & Delft Blue?

No. Delft House is not affiliated with KLM or Delft Blue houses in any way.

Are the houses really hand painted?

Yes, each individual house takes about 1 hour to paint by hand.

Who are Local Makers?

Local Makers is product design and 3d printer reseller located in the heart of Amsterdam. We are a team of 8 creatives that have a passion for developing ideas and bringing new products to the market.

What is Local Kickstarter?

Local Kickstarter is a full-service product development agency based in the heart of Amsterdam. Our mission is to bring new, innovative products to the market.

You come to us with a great idea, and we do the rest. From Idea to Prototype to Market in the shortest possible time.

Delivery Times

Do you post anywhere?

Yes, we use DHL for post and they are able to deliver pretty much anywhere in the world.

When will I receive my house?

We anticipate it will take 6 weeks to 100% fulfill our Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter Campaign

Why Kickstarter?

Local Makers has decided to use  Local Kickstarter as a great way to market the idea of easily producing a 3D model of your house. Our plan after a successful campaign will be to launch this website properly and offer the service worldwide outside of the Kickstarter platform.

What if Delft House doesn't reach its Kickstarter goal?

Even if Delft House doesn’t reach the Kickstarter goal; you can still purchase directly by contacting us at:

Local Makers

Delft House

Local Kickstarter

So there's no risk?!

Absolutely none. Local Makers and Local Kickstarter want to help people develop ideas and launch successful Kickstarter campaigns.


Our team has been around for 3 years; and we have developed dozens of products of products for many, many companies. Check out our portfolio here – www.localmakers.com/portfolio