About Us

Delft Blue is a product from Local Kickstarter; Local Kickstarter is a sub brand of the product design company Local Makers. We love making products. And we love how making products is within everybody’s reach.

We love making products. And we love how making products is now within everyone’s reach. A barista spends all day making latte’s, so of course they’ll have a perfect product idea for making perfectly frothy foam. An urban cycling fanatic has an idea for a pedal modification – so they can peddle the city in sneakers.

Our objective is to turn those powerful ideas into actual, revenue-generating
products. You have the idea – now you need a team to deliver it. We are that team. A group of talented professionals with a track record for crafting products and getting them ready to go to market.

You’ll find Local Kickstarter just around your corner in Amsterdam.

Get in touch. We love and respect ideas and we will always get back to you.

Mark Austen
Lisa Klaever
Lead Designer
Diana Luchin
Social Media Manager
Peter Don
Gabi Potsa
Industrial Designer
Katelijne Kenter
Industrial Designer